Lunch Menus

School Dinners

Our school menus are provided by Essex County Council, which comply with the School Food Standards which were published in September 2014.  The menus need to be balanced to meet theses government standards, and there are restrictions placed on what can and cannot be served, including the number of times per week certain foods can be offered.

School menus offer a good quality home cooked meal with ingredients sourced locally where possible, and contain a range of dishes that will assist with developing children’s eating habits and choices.  Often children will be more willing to try new foods when they are with their friends than they are at home, and encouraging your child to try unfamiliar options and talking positively about new foods can support this.

If you need further information please visit Independent School Food Plan.

Winter Menus

Week 1
Tomato & Basil Pasta BakeButchers SausageRoast Chicken with Sage & Onion StuffingSpaghetti BolognaiseChicken Nuggets
Macaroni Cheese
Meat Free SausageQuorn Fillet topped with Sage & OnionQuorn BolognaiseQuorn Dippers
Garlic Bread & Salad BarMashed Potato
Baked Beans/ Green Beans
Roast Potatoes, Gravy, Mixed VegetablesSpaghettiChips, Sweetcorn or Baked Beans
Fresh Vegetable Pasta PotTomato Soup & Crusty BaguetteJacket Potato with Cheese/ Beans/ Tuna
Mixed Salad
Baguette with choice of fillings: Tuna, Cheese, HamJacket Potato with Cheese/ Beans/ Tuna
Mixed Salad
Apple Crumble & CustardFruit Cocktail
Fruit Ice Lolly
Peaches & CreamIced Finger Bun
Week 2
Pitta Pizza- Ham & Pineapple, PepperoniChicken in BBQ or Curry SauceShredded Pork in a Yorkshire PuddingAll Day Breakfast- Bacon, Sausage, Omelette, Beans, Hash Brown, Mushrooms, TomatoesFish Fingers
Pitta Pizza- Cheese & Tomato
Quorn in BBQ or Curry SauceRoast Quorn in a Yorkshire PuddingAll Day Vegetarian BreakfastVeggie Fingers
Corn on the Cob, Cucumber SlicesNaan Bread, Rice, Green BeansRoast Potatoes, Broccoli, Carrots, GravyMini Waffles, Peas or Baked Beans
Tomato Soup with Crusty BaguetteJacket Potato with Cheese/ Beans/ TunaBaguette with choice of fillings: Tuna, Cheese, Hamfresh Vegetable Pasta PotJacket Potato with Cheese/ Beans/ Tuna
Raspberry Jelly and CreamHomemade Oat Cookie
Homemade Sponge Iced CakeAngel Delight